The Demon's Mantra

Adventure / Role Playing Game created in Visual Basic.  Control your hero, gain levels, fight monsters, buy items and weapons, and find treasures on a top down map similar to Dragon Warrior.  Different difficulties of play, cut scenes, quests, great storyline, and hours of play.  Map editor, save editor, and help guide is included!  Battle your way and customize your player's stats and spells to find the reason why the Demons have attacked, with the help of the Rogues, and Zephyrs. (Games: The Demon's Mantra, The Demon's Mantra II)

It is recommended you play the first game, then the second.  Otherwise you will miss the entire story.

The Demon's Mantra II

The Story

Its been 24 hours since Ryu found his father and defeated the Demon Lord. However, little did he know that there was more to the story. His father's words mention something more about his past, something that only few knew about, another person. It is now a race against time to find this other person. Where can they be? Are they helping the Demons? Are they captured, dead?

After warning the Rogues of what happened with the Demon Lord, Ryu returns to his hometown to discuss what the next plans will be. Rogue spies announce that the Demons have only been weakened, but are regrouping to finish the job. With an ancient scripture announcing the return of the Zephyrs, a group of men sent from the heavens to fend off the Demons in the last war, and seeking the help from the Rogues, they plan a defense. Ryu, aware that he is still a target of the Demons, decides to secretly seek out the scripture and find its answers himself against his father's wishes...

Meanwhile, a wandering orphan, Nina, and her best friend, Sofi, visit the town of Doma looking for work. However, they are unaware of what adventures and secrets lie ahead. And thus, the next chapter of the mantra begins...


Customization on several levels including controls, wallpaper, and conversation colors

Over thirty minutes of text based cutscenes to advance the story

Three difficulty modes for all types of players.

Support hero that fights at your side, eight total.

Online diary to write notes in, and a minimap of the overworld.

Over forty kinds of monsters to fight on your quest.

Hint guide, walkthrough, save and map editor included.

Unique spell system allows you to choose the type of hero you want.

Over thirty kinds of equipment to find or buy on your quest.

Full midi and wave support.

Over twice as big as the original including over ten times as much story.

Side quests such as the hot air balloon, rebuilding of the orphanage, and the arena.

Over 30 hours of gameplay!


The Demon's Mantra I

The Story
Before Man was created by the heavens, creatures known as the Demons ruled the Earth. At first Man and Demon lived together, however, Man's selfishness brought forth the persecution of the Demons and drove them into exile in fear for their life.

Almost a thousand years have passed since the last Demon was seen. Only old legends and rumors state they still exist, deep beneath the underground. Unable to escape the underground due their inability to dig past the Earth’s core, they must rely on Man’s technology and exploration within mines to open “doors”. Only through these doors can the Demons leave the underground.

A young hero, half Man and half Demon is now the target of the Demons. While searching for answers he must also discover why his father fled the village and left him when he was a young boy, and who his mother was. Little does he know that he is seeking much more.


If you've played Dragon Warrior then you know how the game works. Battles are dynamic in the sense that the background reflects the terrain type your on. You walk around a map, fight monsters and talk to people. The story develops as you go. The game features incredible music tracks, sound effects, mouse and keyboard support, five save/load slots, runs in a resolution of 800 x 600.

As far as your character is concerned, its up to you to create the type of character you want. You decide how many points to issue to your stats when you gain a level. Will you make a warrior, mage, or rouge? Six spells can be learned on the way as you gain levels. There are also three side quests, which can be completed at any time, the reward being more stats for your character.

You can also change the background border of the map by selecting from several styles in the options menu. Other options include the ability to reconfigure the key setting to what you would prefer.

Throughout the game you can purchase healing potions, equipment such as shields/armor/weapons, and rest in the Inn with the rubies you acquire from monsters and chests. There are many chests hidden in the world that contain rubies, potions, and even monsters! In addition, some equipment must be found and fought for.