Dj Issa Music

This section contains music I've made either from my keyboard or using a computer mixer. They were originally for a game I was going to help make over a decade ago but since then was canceled. Use them in your games, just give me credit.
These songs may not be used for commercial purposes whatsoever without my permission. You may not sell them. I'll come kick your butt if I find out you are.
Small warning: Some of these songs suck, yea I know, I was like 10 when I made some of these!

Miscellaneous Songs

Final Fantasy 5 - Battle Piano Solo

This is the Final Fantasy 5 battle music on piano.

Final Fantasy Nightlife This is a remake of the Final Fantasy 1 town music.  I added sound effects for a rainy day.  Originally was submitted to VGMix as a work in progress.  This probably my most favorite song I had created.

Song Title & Track Length (minutes) Description


1 - Epic Moon Splash Theme 0.17
Supposed to be the splash theme song for the game when it starts and shows a logo. Made with Acid Music.

2 - Moon Cave 2.52For a cave level. Made with Acid Music.
3 - Unexpected Journey 1.32 Not sure but it fits in a couple different levels. Maybe a town festival. Made with Acid Music.
4 - Epic Journey 1.11
Jungle level. Made with Acid Music.

5 - Song of the Rooster 1.20Some Chinese level. Made with Acid Music.
6 - The Temple 1.58
Temple level. Made with Acid Music.

7 - Bring On The Funk.mp3 1.24I have no idea where in the game this would fit. Made with Acid Music.
8 - Dash to the Battlefield 2.15
Awesome battle music. Made with Acid Music.

9 - Wandering


Wandering around the land song. Made with Acid Music.
10 - Sad Days Ahead


One of my first songs, made by hand on the piano. For a sad part of the game.

11 - Fight On Original 0.55Made by hand and mixed with Acid Music. A great battle song.
12 - Epic Moon Mix


Just a crazy mix. Made with Acid Music.
13 - Unexpected Battle1.29Made with my keyboard. Boss music.
14 - We're all dead0.26 Made with my keyboard. When you die.
15 - Bonus Battle Music1.43Made with my keyboard. Another battle song.