Funny Jokes To Past The Time - Yo Mama is sooooo poor...

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Funny Jokes To Past The Time
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Yo Mama is sooooo fat...
Yo Mama is sooooo hairy...
Yo Mama is sooooo old...
Yo Mama is sooooo ugly...
Yo Mama is sooooo poor...
Miscellaneous yo Mama...
Other people besides yo Mama...
Yo mama is soooooo dumb..
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  • ... she can''t pay attention. 
  • ... her front door and her back door are on the same hinge. 
  • ... the government put her face on food stamps. 
  • ... she went to McDonald''s and put a hamburger on layaway. 
  • ... she goes to KFC and licks other peoples'' fingers. 
  • ... when she orders a large pizza, it only fits halfway into the house. 
  • ... I saw her with mice behind her singing "We Are Family". 
  • ... she got married for the rice. 
  • ... she has to use public transport on drive by shootings. 
  • ... she buys Domino''s pizza and eats the box as a second meal