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Funny Jokes To Past The Time - Yo Mama is sooooo hairy...

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Funny Jokes To Past The Time
Blonde Jokes
Yo Mama is sooooo fat...
Yo Mama is sooooo hairy...
Yo Mama is sooooo old...
Yo Mama is sooooo ugly...
Yo Mama is sooooo poor...
Miscellaneous yo Mama...
Other people besides yo Mama...
Yo mama is soooooo dumb..
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  • ... she looks like she got Buckwheat in a headlock. 
  • ... she looks like a Ch-ch-ch-chia pet. 
  • ... when you were born, you got fucked up the ass 
  • ... when she went to the zoo they threw her in with the orangutans. 
  • ... she has to shave with a lawnmower. 
  • ... her ass look like Don King ''bout to bust out and yell "Only in  America!" 
  • ... she has afros on her nipples! 
  • ... I thought she was a Great Dane. 
  • ... she uses a garden rake to comb her hair. 
  • ... she makes Bigfoot look naked! 
  • ... she offends King Kong.