Welcome to IssaSoft Productions

Welcome! We are a gaming company dedicated to the hobby of making old school video games. We create game genres like Adventure and Role Playing Games on the Windows platform for all ages. Are you tired of dull boring story lines? Did you grow up in the 8-bit age playing games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the Nintendo, or Realms of Arkania on DOS? Wish you could go back a decade a two when real games were made? Well you came to the right place! We do too, and we're doing something about it. Please check out our games and enjoy them as much as we do.

Android Applications

Android Applications and Games.  Includes:  Frosty The Buddy, and Chicken Fighters

The Demon's Mantra

Adventure / Role Playing Game created in Visual Basic.  Control your hero, gain levels, fight monsters, buy items and weapons, and find treasures on a top down map similar to Dragon Warrior.  Different difficulties of play, cut scenes, quests, great storyline, and hours of play.  Map editor, save editor, and help guide is included!  Battle your way and customize your player's stats and spells to find the reason why the Demons have attacked, with the help of the Rogues, and Zephyrs. (Games: The Demon's Mantra, The Demon's Mantra II)

Chicken Fighters

Chicken Fighters is a game where you raise a virtual chicken in an Adventure / Role Playing Game way. It is similar to Pokemon. Catch them, buy them weapons, gain experience, use spells and items, upgrade their stats, select a special trainer, and enter tournaments to win. This game is also multiplayer with one other person over TCP/IP. (Games: Chicken Fighters 2000, Chicken Fighters 2k2, Chicken Fighters 2k12).

SilverLight Games Online

Silverlight Online Games.  These are online games you can play in your browser if you have Internet Explorer and Silverlight.  (Games: Chicken Fighters BlackJack, Chicken Fighters Online)

Realms Of Arkania - Star Trail

When I grew up I found this awesome game called "Star Trail" from the Realms of Arkania series. It was for DOS and I still play it now and then. It is my favorite game of all time. I've played it so much in fact I created this help document and page for those who want to play. I recommend this game, so try it out, its old but so much fun.

Make Money Online

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Funny Jokes To Past The Time

While you're here, why dont you read some jokes? Theres blonde jokes, yo mama jokes, what ifs, and others. Minus well if you have time.

IssaMan - The Game, and Comic

My friend thought it would be funny to make a comic and name it after me. Its about this shrimp loving guy who gets magical powers and from a shrimp cup of noodles. We also turned it into a game. This concept game created in Visual Basic .NET to help me learn .NET. It mimics River City Ransom and Double Dragon with that RPGish feel. Gain levels, buy items, and increase your fighting skills as you advance through the game. The game consists of several areas.

Fan Art!

IssaSoft has fans? I thought he was just some guy in a garage making crappy games! Nope! Here is fan art submitted by fans of my games. If you want to submit something just send me an email.


Moonblade is my next generation RPG to be written in .NET.  It will be very similar to Final Fantasy where you can choose character types and even heroes.  Currently I have the map editor completed and a basic character walking around the map.  It will follow the Demon's Mantra universe.  No estimated time of completion but check back for updates.  I will post builds as they are made.  It may or may not be multiplayer, depends on how difficult.

Dj Issa Music

This section contains music I've made either from my keyboard or using a computer mixer. They were originally for a game I was going to help make over a decade ago but since then was canceled. Use them in your games, just give me credit.


Free Visual Basic Code (.NET and VB6)

Learning how to program I was always thankful for all the free code out there.  As a thank you and to help others, I am offering some of my code for free.  Yes, now you can get the source for some of my games, customize them, learn, and get better.  The code is Visual Basic 6 and .NET 2008.  You may use it as you like, just as long as you give me credit.  To download free source code visit the Downloads Section.